The journey of Deify Fine Jewellery started when I realized that each experience is of great value, comes with a deep reason, and may lead to a beautiful beginning.

Crafting what I design in hand is a great chance that life has given me. Being able to reflect my memories onto a small detail, or sometimes unconsciously putting it there and realizing it afterward is a great feeling that motivates me every day.

Birds in Deify story symbolize my sympathy for crows & seagulls together with the love, trust, and support I get from my beautiful family. I admire the incredible intelligence & loyalty of crows and find peace in the voices of seagulls. My family is my biggest luck and because there have been crows & seagulls around all the houses I’ve lived in so far, I believe that they bring me love, joy, good luck & inspiration. They had to be in the Deify story:)

Believing that remaining in the art of simplicity and reflecting your feelings behind a design make jewellery refined & timeless, I hope to make a dear soul feel special and peerless with my pieces. This desire has also created my brand name, DEIFY.

Lastly, defining myself and my journey only completes with the most precious wealth in my life- my family and my friends- for teaching me unconditional love and generously sharing life with me every day.

With lots of love,

Fahrünnisa Dinkçioğlu 🖤